Natural ice obsidian pendant necklace of Samantabhadra natal Buddha



Natural ice obsidian pendant necklace of Samantabhadra natal Buddha

Made in china,Handmade crafts

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Samantabhadra, lean carving - natural obsidian pendants, hard polishing process, but also to the patron saint of Samantabhadra infected with a layer of mystery.

The vast history of one thousand promise to witness hundreds of millions of years of natural obsidian bring unexpected good luck to you ...

Ice species is characterized by the outer surface, good luster, translucent to transparent, clear and watery gives the feeling of Bingqing Yu Ying, body morphology of the look and feel like ice. Uniform grain size, grain naked eye can argue jadeitic pure fewer impurities, nourish texture, crack lock of cotton, grain or rare. In the market, an ice gem, usually the value of several million yuan. The ice is a high-end gems to share, especially ice kinds of obsidian more rare, is a collection of masterpieces to share.

Natural ice obsidian is far from the ice age of the pure alpine zone of volcanic eruptions formed with natural treasures, the highest best of all obsidian stones in cleaning up the environment and gas field, called obsidian gem supreme.

[Name]: Natural ice obsidian pendant necklace of Samantabhadra natal Buddha

Brand: thousands of promise

【Material】: rare natural ice kinds of obsidian

[Process]: D elements of hard polishing

【Specification】: fretwork trumpet: long 38mm wide and 26mm thick, 10mm (pure hand-carved, there is a certain error) on the red lanyard is the trumpet

          Seiko Large: length 40mm wide and 28mm thick 11mm (pure hand-carved, there is a certain error) above black lanyard is large

【Level】: AAA

【Origin: Iceland

Package: fine LOGO packaging

[]: This section can be made into a pendant (pendant) or car linked to the sidearms to shoot according to your request selection.

[Obsidian,] obsidian can resolve the strong negative energy, but also worship Buddha practice of giving the best gem. Obsidian can help the physical symptoms of illness, sewage discharge, relieve discomfort, physical and personal luck of great assistance to ward off evil spirits, of evil, put on at home, town house, with help in sleeping, easy to sleep .
   Obsidian can prevent the villain, disease gas, sewage, buried the body ward off evil defends the anti-negative energy to yourself, is a good talisman, bad luck to wear can be transhipment.
   Obsidian strongest absorption of negative energy, evil spirits, cleansing the body of miscellaneous gas effect. Give people a healthy, happy, normal life, is known as the "Black Edition Samurai. Energy staunch and powerful, and can be used as amulets, and out of the shade and needs of the people of night work, can be worn to avoid contamination of negative energy.

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