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"Men's wear guanyin female Buddha" is actually a kind of folk on wishes, a kind of folk custom. "Men's wear guanyin", mainly because of the past, take exams, and so on are men of business, and perennial away, and men are often more temperamental, and Chinese Buddhism guanyin bodhisattva is a female, is the symbol of compassion is soft, "men wear a goddess of mercy" is a hope that man can downy. "Women wear Buddha", "women wear the Buddha" "Buddha" is not referring to the Buddha shakyamuni, but maitreya bodhisattva, and maitreya bodhisattva is a bigger like shape. Because the ancients that women are more narrow-minded, the modelling of maitreya, like smiling face a bigger and a bigger meaning happiness measure, so "women wear Buddha" is a hope that a woman can more calmly, magnanimous mind. In general, men's wear guanyin female Buddha is complementary mean men and women, men can learn the advantages of some women to make up for men's shortcomings, while women can learn men some of the advantages of not enough to make up for their own!

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