White crystal Buddha hand pendants Necklace



White crystal Buddha hand pendants Necklace

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Material: white crystal (Yang Jing)

Size: 31mm * 23mm * 9mm or so (in mm)

Buddha hand Buddhism boundless energy to exercise restraint "evil" star of evil, to resolve the adverse effects of the Lunar New Year cattle wealth and academic. The back of the hand as the sun, palm is yin, open building eye out crooks, and the net clear your heart to wisdom, and explore new ideas.

Zodiac cattle fortune of 2012 is not very satisfactory. First, the zodiac cattle every Jupiter Long as "evil" Star, fierce, the star zodiac cattle career, health, fortune and more unfavorable, and it will hurt the health of the parents and the elderly; two friends of the Zodiac cattle every Year of the Dragon Jupiter also guilty of "robbing the evil star, the star, whether career or wealth, will show the consumption, adverse information about the robbery. So, in 2012 for the Lunar New Year cattle, can be described as resistance to heavier, more put to the test and choice. For students who "rob the evil star appear, and more will have the academic competition, even if further studies intend, often will face a limited number or abroad to further studies to visa difficulties. The school also faces out of school, trouble and distress of the choice of work after graduation. People into doing business in 2012, career and wealth are often in serious hardships for the fiscal hard money hard to come by, and will be dissipated. Attention must be paid to investment issues, must not blind for the impulse to invest. Official who although is OK, but the influence of "evil" star will lead to the vagaries of state of the official Star, more work at hand, and dealing with them is too much trouble, right and wrong more easily lost in the lower front prestige, easy loss Officer provoke the villain right and wrong things. Elderly Zodiac cattle to pay attention to adverse physical health.

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